Madden 25: Where Is Our Fix for The Too Many Injuries Issue?

News Robert Bernstein 9/4/2013 at 12:58PM

Madden 25 players have surely noticed a ridiculous amount of injuries for Madden 25...

There's been a lot of outcry from the sports gamers out there in the past two weeks, due to the Madden 25 launch.  But, while the general consensus about Madden 25 is that it is pretty great, it does have one MAJOR, at-times game-breaking flaw: there are way too many injuries!

Anyone who has played even one game of Madden 25 noticed a player getting injured. I, myself, noticed it right from my first game as the Miami Dolphins, when Ryan Tannehill was injured on the first play.  At the time, I didn't think anything of it--until I played another game, and he was injured yet again.  I thought something was up, so I tried using a different team (Ravens). This time, Ray Rice was injured after the first quarter.

What the hell?

If you're doubting my truthfulness here, play three games of Madden 25 on All-Madden difficulty.  If you don't get at least 3 different injuries, I'd be greatly surprised.

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Gamers are flocking to the forums, Reddit, and other websites to voice their complaints.  In fact, check out this article from The Onion for a couple of laughs.

But, here we are two weeks after Madden 25's launch, and we still don't have an update/fix for the ridiculous amount of injuries.  There shouldn't be injuries in every single game you play.  Sure, the NFL has its share of bone-breaks and concussions, but it should not be an every game occurance in Madden 25.

Of course, gamers are able to manually adjust the injuries slider down a notch, but then that puts your game into "Pro" difficulty, and not the "All-Madden" difficulty. 

Now, I'm in the playoffs for my Connected Franchise, but I'm forced to use second string QB Matt Moore instead of Tannehill, and my third string RB (I don't even remember his name) instead of Miller or Thomas.

So, EA, please fix the ridiculous amount of injuries that occur in Madden 25 so that players can avoid unfortunate situations like this in the future of their Connected Franchises.

(We've reached out to EA for comment and will update with their response).

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That's football man, this game is meant to act likea simulator. Don't ask them to adjust something that makes the game experience feel more real.

I see what you're saying, and I agree that football is a rough sport (of course). But my point is that, let's say you're playing with the Cowboys, you shouldn't see the same player getting injured over and over again in EVERY game.

the issue is not just one but i swear on both sides in connected franchise every game has 4-5 injuries. its almost unplayable.. i dont play madden to see the B team in there

4-5 players also don't get injured on average in a real nfl game.

Not unless it's Miles Austin's Hamstring.

How many broken legs per game do you see? And what games are you watching?

Hey turn injuries in gameplay settings down to 25 from the stock 50 rating.
Problem solved!

Turn injuries in gameplay settings down to 25 from the stock 50 rating.

I will have to try that, didnt have to touch injury settings in madden 13 that i remember.. hope they fix this :/

Yeah. I drafted the #1 QB and #2 and #3 WR in my first draft...
I just exited game 1 because of injuries. My QB, Bridgewater wen out in the 1st, came back, and was out for the season... My top rookie WR got injured in preseason games 1, 2 and 3... and the burner I got behind him was injured in the 1st and 2nd preseason games and is out for 6 weeks. My stud 3rd roundd RB (78 OVR) had been injured in the first and the third. My #2 CB got injured in preseason week 4. My starting left end has been out since preseason week 2.

I know injuries happen, but I'm not even done with week 1 yet and 3 guys are already injured. The rest of my team... I'm afraid to give them the ball for fear of injury... On all madden, every single hit would be borderline illegal in the NFL.

Problem with changing the injury slider is that it might affect some other weird aspect of the game for no reason, like the penalty sliders do...

When the demo first came out I played as the Packers vs Seahawks. Not only did 4 of my guys go out injured but 2 of the Seahawks players did as well. The severity of the injuries was unlike any other Madden game. Jermichael Finley suffered a broken vertebrae!

I have to agree! Even if you play in MUT season adjusting the injuries " down to 25 from the stock 50 rating." did not work for me... The game played the same just with 1 less injury. Every time I play in either modes its the same issue and if you play with Kaepernick or any option QB they are getting hurt all the time on my end!

I can adjust my team or teams but it get to be a pain in the ass every time you have to make adjustments.... Don't get me wrong it is fun to do but every time everyday you play to have to do that its a pain..... I don't know about how long everyone takes making adjustments but I know I take more that hour or 2 to make my adjustments before I play!!!!

Are you guessing? Or, do you know this for sure?

Who cares about the injuries you can at least turn it off. The most annoying thing is using the sprint button and it causes your player to pitch the ball in mid run right to the Defense

it s because your controller is messed up. Had the same issue, try another controller. It will work.

I have horrible luck in this game with injuries online. My qb will always get hurt for the game and leaving me with a crappy backup. My opponent's qb will never get hurt. I hate this game.