GTA V DLC to feature San Andreas' Carl Johnson?

News Aaron Birch 10/15/2013 at 9:28AM

A slip up at Comic Con 2013 could have spilled the beans on a possible batch of GTA V DLC...

It's been reported on Kotaku that an accidental leak by Shawn Fonteno, the voice behind GTA V protagonist Franklin, has revealed that GTA: San Andreas' central character, Carl “C.J.” Johnson may be returning to the series, possibly in future DLC.

At a panel at Comic Con 2013, Fonteno was asked which past GTA Protagonist he would have liked to have voiced, and he responded with San Andreas' hero, C.J. However, he then said he wasn't so disappointed he missed the chance, as he's working with C.J.'s voice actor, Young Malay on another project. He was asked to elaborate on this, but promptly changed the subject, hinting that he wasn't actually supposed to reveal that juicy bit of information.

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Of course, just because Fonteno and Malay are working together on a project doesn't mean that it has to be GTA-related, but you have to admit, it sounds like much more than a mere coincidence, and the fact that GTA V has plenty of homages to Grove Street and GTA: San Andreas in general, it's likely that DLC will touch upon the game's successor in more detail somehow.

As Kotaku has also noted, if C.J. was to return, he'd be in his 40s, as the original game took place in the early 90s, whilst GTA V is set in 2013. Any story involving him would also be interesting as the Grove St Families have clearly fallen on hard times, as Grove Street itself is now run by rival gang the Ballas (take a trip to Grove Street in GTA V and you'll see plenty of purple outfits). Could there be a 'take back Grove St' DLC incoming?

We'll have to wait and see if any DLC will dig up Los Santos' past, so stay tuned for more news as we get it.


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Both of them are rappers, so they just might make a rap song together, that's all.....

also, Rockstar has already established that characters from the two "universes" of GTA (SD & HD) are separate and SD characters will not appear in any HD games.

they said nobody from the gta 3 universe would not be in gta v but willie from love fist is in gta v,

Character models may be impossible to switch from SD to HD but nothing is stopping them from creating an HD version on CJ to out into the HD universe.

C.J. does exist in GTA V. In Franklins room (And Eclipse Towers "Heist Room") you can see a framed album entitled, "OG Loc, St8 from da Streetz" As we all know, OG Loc was in SA. Not good enough? Lesters house. There's a book (Can't remember the name of the book, but it was just resently posted on YouTube, look up "GTA 5 CJ easter egg" and youll eventually find it) on the cover of the book is a picture of CJ, wielding 2 M11's, wearing a black hat, no shirt, standing in front of an explosion. Also in GTA IV, we saw that posterboard of CJ (possibly, looked EXACTLY like him) rich. "But that's IV, we're talkin about V" you might say? In a mission with Lester, Lester and Michael are planning to recruit criminals to complete a heist. "There was uh.. an eastern European guy... But no.. He went out quite..." - Lester. (Meaning Niko is either dead, or alive and quit the criminal life quietly. Most likely alive because if you look at Jimmy's laptop, he's looking at Niko Bellic's LifeInvader profile. Just saying..

Young Maylay and Shawn Fonteno are cousins so maybe Cj and Franklin could be related that would be cool

lol uhh? lazlow? hello! plus if they were to put cj in gta v he would litterally prolly be close or the same age as micheal so i dont see why the hell they dont just do it, and shawn fonteno has said there cousins in real life so why not i say!