GTA 5 Brings In $800 Million In Its First 24 Hours

News Robert Bernstein 9/18/2013 at 3:26PM

The world's most expensive game has brought in nearly $800 million in sales in its first 24 hours...

Take-Two announced today that Grand Theft Auto V made approximately $800 million in worldwide sales in just its first day on the market, making it the highest first day retail sales in the company's history.

While these are worldwide sales, it should be noted that Japan or Brazil has not yet had the privilage of a Grand Theft Auto V launch.

The general consensus on Grand Theft Auto V is that it is truly a fantastic, in-depth gaming experience, and we've heard numerous outlets call it one of the best gaming experiences of all time.

The previous record belonged to Call of Duty: Black Ops II with $500 million. Kudos, Rockstar Games.

Source: IGN

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Hands down the best game ever made right next to skyrim second

Buy this game, Trevor hands down best character ever

Almost a billion first 24 hours?! That's outrageous. I still have to get the game.. it's only been 2 days and i'm already bugging that i don't have it yet.

Only played it for around an hour or two last night after getting it, but it has been amazing so far. I'm really enjoying the cops and how they actually ram you and try to pit you.

I picked it up at around 10 the morning it came out, my wife turned off my xbox around 11 that night because I wouldn't stop playing. It's that awesome, and I only completed about 18 percent of the game.


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