Everything We Know About Everquest Next

News Robert Bernstein 8/7/2013 at 9:01AM

Here is everything we know from this weekend's Everquest Next reveal....

The web is abuzz with all things Everquest Next, as the brief gameplay we saw at SOE Live 2013 looked incredible.  We're thinking that the race is on for THE MMORPG successor to World of Warcraft, since, you know, it's declining and what not.  We're thinking the next successor will be either Everquest Next (EQN) or Carbine Studios' Wildstar. So, here's a round-up of all of the confirmed information and rumors about Everquest Next.


So far, the confirmed playable races for Everquest Next are Dwarf, Human, Ogre, Elf, Dark Elf, and Kerran.


There are eight starting classes, and allegedely more than 40 classes to play, and characters will be able to learn more classes as they adventure. As of writing this, there are five confirmed classes for EverQuest Next.  Rogue, Warrior, Tempest, Blademaster, and Wizard classes have all been confirmed.

Players will be able to distinguish what class a player or NPC is by how he/she stands and holds his/her weapon.  There will, of course, be character builds, determined by items plus abilities.


There will be no level cap in the game, but players will be able to progress through learning new skills and mastering classes.


Everquest Next will feature destructible environments.  The reveal video at SOE Live 2013 revealed a character completely destroying a bridge.  SOE promises players will have the ability to alter the world in ways never before seen in an MMORPG.

Also, your abilities will partially influence the environment around you.  For example, teleporting away from an attack will leave a little dent in the ground.

Not all environments will be destructible, otherwise SOE claims 'player cities would become player parking lots.'

SOE claims the individual servers in Everquest Next are intended to become their own living worlds, in that jumping to any other server will show you a world different than your own.  For example, one server might have a field where another server would have an entire city.

Rallying Call

Everquest Next will have what SOE is calling 'Rallying Calls.'  Rallying calls will periodically go out across entire servers, and for the next two months (in game), every player will be able to work together to build a new permanent settlement.  But, it won't be as simple as that, as they'll have to rebuild as monsters attack, construction gets delayed, and will have to complete subquests.  SOE promises that settlements that are successful will be permanent to the game.

Character Histories

SOE says that through dynamic content and the variances between one server and another server, players will experience different things and will be able to create unique histories.

"We want people to develop a long, detailed history of their character so that when they tell others that story, they actually care, as opposed to, 'Yeah, Yeah, I did that quest.'," stated Sony Online Entertainment's Director of Design David Georgeson.


Crafting will still be a huge part of Everquest Next. Many familiar locations will appear in the game.

Release Date

Sony has not released a narrow release window for EverQuest Next, but simply state that the game will hit sometime in 2014, with EverQuest Next Landmark (a tool used to create environments in the game) releasing by the end of this year.


Players can sign up for the EverQuest Next beta here, although there is no start date for it just yet.


Everquest Next will obviously appear on PC.  However, it appears SOE is being coy about whether or not it will be coming to the PS4.  When asked if EverQuest Next would appear on PS4, Sony simply stated, "We aren't releasing that information as of right now."

Gameplay Videos

Gameplay Video #2- Unfortunately, we cannot embed the video for you. But, we can redirect you to the official YouTube page.

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