Alien Isolation Looks to Bring Back The Horror to Games

News Robert Bernstein 1/7/2014 at 11:47AM

Alien Isolation gets a new trailer from SEGA...

SEGA will look to restore faith in their publishing for the gaming community after the disaster that was 2013's Aliens: Colonial Marines by releasing a new game for the Alien franchise titled Alien Isolation.  

And, we have to say, it does look significantly better than last year's game.  And since developer Creative Assembly has been working on Isolation for more than three years, it's likely that the two games won't share any similarities. Thankfully.

Creative Assembly claims Alien Isolation aligns more with Ridley Scott's movie than Colonial Marines.  Apparently, at least judging by the first trailer below, Isolation is going to focus on being a survival horror as opposed to an action-adventure. Thankfully.

Well, here's to hoping that it's not another case of false marketing, and that Isolation turns out to be the Alien game we've been waiting for.  Check out the trailer below, and look for Alien Isolation late in 2014 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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