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Madden football

Madden: How the Franchise Became King of the Gaming Gridiron

Jason Gallagher Feature Aug 29, 2014

EA's Madden franchise has sold more than 100 million units to date, but how did John Madden start a sports gaming revolution...

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 officially announced

Aaron Birch Trailer Sep 1, 2014

A new Resident Evil is coming, and it's a sequel to the old school Revelations...

New Deep Down gameplay footage

Aaron Birch Trailer Sep 1, 2014

Capcom's free-to-play RPG has resurfaced with some new gameplay footage...

Telltale’s Game Of Thrones Reveals New Title, Story Possibilities

David Crow News Aug 29, 2014

Telltale's Game of Thrones game reveals new potential title and storyline possibilities with new image.

Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Review

Joe Jasko Review Aug 29, 2014

A wonderful new environment and gameplay mechanic are offset by lackluster boss fights in the second Dark Souls II DLC.

New Nintendo 3DS Revealed

Joe Jasko News Aug 29, 2014

Releasing this fall, the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL feature better 3D, new buttons, and Amiibo support.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Gameplay

Joe Jasko Trailer Aug 29, 2014

Take a new look at the exciting 4-player co-op gameplay in BioWare’s upcoming action-RPG.

Feature-length Gran Turismo documentary appears online

Ryan Lambie Trailer Aug 29, 2014

A feature-length documentary about Sony's racing game series Gran Turismo has appeared on the web. You can watch it right here...

Assassin’s Creed Unity Delayed Until November

David Crow News Aug 28, 2014

Ubisoft has revealed that the French Revolution is delayed for a number of weeks for Assassin's Creed Unity.

6 Insane eSports Scandals

Luke McKinney The Lists Aug 28, 2014

Real life sports aren't the only ones with scandals. Check out these examples of eSport virtual drama.