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A Very Brief History of Retro Horror Gaming

Chris Cummins Feature Oct 31, 2014

We take a look at what games released from 1972-93 wanted to scare the pants off of you. Sometimes literally.

Sunset Overdrive Review

Joe Jasko Review Oct 31, 2014

Colorful, sardonic, and all-around fun, Sunset Overdrive cranks up the insanity meter to 11 on the Xbox One.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare live action trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Oct 31, 2014

Activision's tradition of live action trailers for Call Of Duty continues with this goat-kissing outing...

Assassin's Creed Unity Visits World War II

John Saavedra Trailer Oct 30, 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity doesn't only take place during the French Revolution. You'll also be fighting in World War II!

Machinima Debuts New Hotline Miami Short Film

Gavin Jasper Viral Video Oct 30, 2014

Building up to the ever-so-violent sequel, Hotline Miami comes to life with six minutes of animal-masked vigilante justice.

Evolve Xbox One Cover Box Art

Evolve Big Alpha Live Stream

Den Of Geek Feature Oct 30, 2014

Geek out with us on our official Twitch channel. This week, we're live streaming the Evolve Big Alpha!

31 Days of Horror Games: System Shock 2

John Saavedra Retro Oct 30, 2014

System Shock 2 is a scifi horror masterpiece. Mutants, killer AI, and a labyrinthine spaceship make for a terrifying experience.

Sony looking into PS4 firmware problems

Aaron Birch News Oct 30, 2014

The PS4 has hit more technical difficulties with the recent 2.0 firmware upgrade...

Halo 2 Anniversary's New Cinematic Trailer Is Beautiful

John Saavedra Trailer Oct 29, 2014

The new cinematic trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary will leave you breathless!

Doom 3

31 Days of Horror Games: Doom 3

Robert Bernstein Retro Oct 29, 2014

Doom 3 was a great example of what higher graphic quality can do for an old game...