10 Moments From The Walking Dead Comics We Need to See on TV

The Lists Marc Buxton 12/13/2013 at 1:33PM
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Here are 10 moments from the Walking Dead comics that we need to see on TV...

The Walking Dead, both comic and show, is filled with moments that have regularly shocked readers into stunned submission. Many of these scenes have already been skipped on television or haven't happened yet, or, for whatever reason, wouldn't work in the context of the television narrative... but it would be awesome if they could.

Spoilers ahoy! Seriously...

Walking Dead Comics

10. Rick Needs a Hand
The Walking Dead #28

When readers first met the Governor, it was clear that there was something off. Just how psychotic the one eyed despot was became clear as he coldly, suddenly, and gleefully cut off Rick’s hand. This moment set up the Governor as the world’s biggest villain but also gave Rick a shocking vulnerability. Rick is the backbone of the group, (remember in the comic, there is no Daryl and at this point Michonne just joined) so as Rick lies bleeding without his hand, it begs the question, how will his group survive without their savior intact?

Odds It Will Happen?

Not good. The hand removal thing was already played perfectly with Merle, so doing it again with Rick would just seem like a retread. Having a physical handicap did serve to make comic Rick a more internally strong character, something the show is doing differently by having Rick battle severe mental illness. Plus, the Governor is deader than dirt, thank the Lord above. Perhaps the next villain will establish himself by making Rick stumpy.

Walking Dead Comics

9. Negan and Lucille
The Walking Dead #100

If the Governor is The Walking Dead’s Joker, Negan is the book’s Ra’s Al Ghul. Negan is the anti-Rick, a character that uses violence as a means rather than an end. He loves to intimidate and cause pain to others all in the name of bringing his people, the Saviors, a better life. He revels in the violence he causes with his signature weapon, a barbed wire baseball bat named Lucille. He exists to see others suffer in order to spread the message of his Saviors. He is a sadist, gleefully cruel, and his arrival to the show would mean very, very bad things for Rick’s group, particularly Glenn. The war with Negan is very similar to the war with the Governor, except the Governor’s people just wanted to survive, while Negan’s group has a very master race type vibe that reeks of social Darwinism and small scale post-apocalyptic imperialism.

Odds It Will Happen?

Very good. With the Governor gone, the show will need a new antagonist. Plus, the arrival of Negan will lead to one of The Walking Dead’s most signature and polarizing characters, Ezekiel!

Ezekiel The Walking Dead

8. Ezekiel and Shiva
The Walking Dead #108

Like any great villain, Negan comes with a built in adversary, Ezekiel. Ezekiel is the leader of a community of survivors called The Kingdom and he possesses a seething hatred of Negan and the Saviors. The war between the two groups can be considered as a holy war between two pseudo-religious leaders. Ezekiel becomes an ally to Rick in the struggle against Negan and is a fascinating character in his own right. He has a light flirtatious relationship with Michonne and lives to see the day Negan falls. Bringing Ezekiel into the show is a must as he acts as a great foil for Negan and is a dynamic and rich character...and he has a freakin’ tiger. Shiva, the tiger in question, is the one being that Ezekiel loves most in the world. The question is, can viewers of the show buy a domesticated tiger in the usually grounded (other than, y’know, the zombies) world of The Walking Dead? One would have to believe a tiger tearing apart zombies would just up the cool factor to eleven, but if not handled perfectly, it could be a jumping the shark moment that would change that tired phrase to jumping the tiger.

Odds It Will Happen?

Very good. Negan is a must, and there can’t be one without the other. Shiva would be hard to sell, but handled in the right way, a man and his tiger cutting a swath of destruction through hordes of undead could be the show’s defining moment.

Carl the walking dead eye

7. Eye Can’t Believe They Did That
The Walking Dead #83

So young Carl seems to be quite the bullet magnet. During a zombie invasion on the community of Alexandria, poor Carl is hit by friendly fire taking out his eye and part of his face. The Grimes boy is made of stern stuff as he again survives the ordeal and even becomes tougher as a result. In the comic, this moment was Carl’s true loss of childhood. Plus, Carl now looks super badass with an eye patch, like a little Bizarro Governor who uses his anger for good.

Odds It Will Happen?

Not too good, as it’s hard to imagine a kid losing a good chunk of his face to a stray bullet on television. The Walking Dead seems to be comfortable breaking taboos, but that kind of bodily atrocity done to a child might be a bit much. Besides, in the comic, this is the inciting moment that leads Carl to leave his childhood behind, something that has already been covered in the show as Carl is one of the most badass zombie killers in the group.

walking dead comics the hunters

6. A Different Type of Flesh Eater
The Walking Dead #61

One of the darker story arcs in the comic is the introduction of the Hunters, a group of cannibals who ate their own children and justified it as the new natural order of the world. Rick and company run afoul of the Hunters which led to the death of Dale. To avenge Dale, Rick and the crew resort to a brutal revenge killing of the Hunters, an act which shows how tightly knit our group of survivors has become.

Odds It Will Happen?

About half and half. It would be a pretty memorable storyline to introduce the Hunters, but the main impact they had on the story is killing Dale. With Dale already gone, it would be hard to find a way to make the Hunters more than just a shocking new adversary. But a race of non-zombie flesh eaters would certainly be a game changer.

the walking dead comics

5. Julie and Chris, Bonded by Death
The Walking Dead #14-15

When readers first met Tyreese, he had his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris in tow. They seemed stable enough, with Chris and Julie constantly going off to do what young people do during times of crisis... make sweet monkey love. Things turn ugly, as they are wont to do in The Walking Dead world, when the couple forms a suicide pact and tries to off each other. Stupid, stupid Chris botches it and kills Julie, but can’t find it in him to off himself, so a devastated Tyreese does it for him. If that isn’t shocking enough, this is the moment the group also discovers that it’s not the zombie bite that causes the zombie infection but death itself, as the newly risen Julie goes after her father. This is the moment where the book throws out established zombie tropes and informs the reader that they are in a new world with new rules.

Odds It Will Happen?

Almost nil, as the truth of the zombie virus has already been revealed and poor, impressionable Julie has been replaced by Tyreese’s capable younger sister Sasha. Sasha is brilliantly tough and would never off herself in an ill-conceived tryst.

The Walking Dead comics death of tyreese

4. The Death of Tyreese
The Walking Dead #46

The Governor’s tank assault plays out pretty much the same in the comic with one major exception, it isn't poor Hershel that the Governor executes to show he is serious...it's Tyreese. In the comic, Rick and Tyreese were much closer, but at the moment of the Governor’s invasion, they were experiencing a time of great personal conflict. Watching Tyreese coldly executed rips Rick apart as he realizes he will never be able to reconcile with a man he considered a friend. The show’s Tyreese and Rick are not that tight, so Hershel’s sacrifice carried greater resonance than Tyreese’s would have.

Odds It Will Happen?

Not good. Tyreese may die in the future, and he seems to be going down a pretty dark road right now which could lead to his eventual demise, but another execution killing, even at the hands, of let’s say, Negan, would seem derivative after Herschel’s shocking end.

walking dead comics herschel twins

3. Hershel’s Twins
The Walking Dead #16

Yeah, Hershel had a pretty large extended family when Rick and company stumbled upon his farm, thanks to Otis’ sharpshooting (stupid Otis), but in the comic, Hershel had an even a larger family, including twin daughters. Hershel is the Job of the series, a man who continues to suffer atrocity after atrocity but never loses his faith in humanity. In the comic, Hershel’s poor twins were murdered and beheaded by convicted serial killer Thomas Richards. It was one of the most chilling moments in the comic as Hershel finds his babies beheaded on a filthy prison floor. This incident led to a meditation on post-apocalyptic capital punishment and established Thomas as one of the vilest, if short lived, characters in the series.

Odds It Will Happen?

Don't count on it. While a serial killer will certainly shake things up and Hershel still has two daughters left alive, the moment has passed and it would seem indulgent to have this act happen so late in the game. The image of those poor beheaded kids will have to remain a nightmare only comic readers have to live with.

Walking Dead Comics Lori and Baby death

2. The Death of Innocence
The Walking Dead #48

And you thought the death of Lori in the TV series was bad? In the comic, when The Governor returns, he not only beheads Tyreese, he also leads a full on assault on the prison. As Lori flees, holding her baby, a bullet rips through her back AND the baby, killing them both instantly. It remains one of the most brutal images in the history of comics as The Walking Dead rips away the hope for a new tomorrow that the baby represented.

Odds It Will Happen?

Almost impossible. With Lori already dead, this moment is not going to happen. One supposes that another character can die while holding the baby, but Little Ass Kicker ain’t going out like that. The mid-season finale hinted at the death of Judith, but with Carol still lurking about, one has to assume that Judith will live to kick a little more ass.

Walking dead Comics Michonne kills The Governor

1. Michonne’s Revenge
The Walking Dead #33

One of the most controversial moments of season three was the teased rape of Maggie. In the comic, the Governor does not tease rape; he commits the animalistic act many times. The helpless Michonne is forced to endure the worst form of appalling torture at the hands of The Governor but, in truth, she is biding her time. When she finally does get free, instead of escaping with Rick and Glenn, she pays the unsuspecting Governor a visit. What follows is one of the most cringe-worthy spectacles of brutality and torture ever rendered on a comic page. Michonne shows The Governor what being violated truly means and reduces the once imposing figure to a quivering bag of agony.

Odds It Will Happen?

Nada. the show took a more subtle route for the Governor’s death, and the show would have to work over time to justify the Governor not being dead. Michonne is just going to have to find someone else’s testicles to nail to a board.


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