Howard Chaykin to Revive Buck Rogers for Hermes Press!

News Mike Cecchini
5/15/2013 at 9:13PM

Need more sci-fi comics in your life? Need more Howard Chaykin comics in your life? Then it's time to welcome back BUCK ROGERS with a brand new comic from Hermes Press!

WAAAAAY before Star Trek, and even before Flash Gordon, there was Buck Rogers. The original rocket flying, raygun wielding, space-hopping, sci-fi hero set the standard for nearly everything that the sci-fi genre touched for decades to come. The star of pulp stories, comic strips, movie serials, two television series (including a memorable one from the late seventies), and some great role-playing games, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century has proven to be one of the most durable properties to ever grace the page or the screen. And now he's back, with comics legend Howard Chaykin at the controls! Hermes Press, renowned publisher of many terrific vintage comic reprints, is stepping up to the plate for this one, and it looks like Buck will be taking flight some time in late Summer!

From the press release:

Chaykin’s new series will take the feature back to its origins and have the look and feel of the “classic” Buck Rogers. Hermes Press publisher Dan Herman believes that the strength of the original newspaper strip is “its great sci-fi tales, characters, and its vision of the future — it’s a great tradition to draw on and this new series will pay homage to the classic version of the newspaper strip.”

Chaykin feels that Buck Rogers is one of the great science-fiction features and is completely revved up about creating a new version of the feature. "When Dan casually asked me whether I had any interest in reviving BUCK ROGERS, my reaction was first physical--genuine goose pimples--followed by complete delight at the thought of paying back a concept that was so utterly seminal in my thinking about our medium and our field."


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