Hulk! Thor! Waid! Simonson! SMASH!!!!

News Mike Cecchini 1/8/2013 at 4:03PM

Another Marvel teaser for April just hit the wires, and this one looks like a dream come true. Walt Simonson is returning to Thor, folks!!!

Well, I think we know which of this latest round of Marvel teasers is gonna create the most buzz. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, a comics dream team if I ever saw one: Mark Waid and Walt Simonson! And speaking of teams, it looks like Hulk and Thor are gonna be spending time together. Is this going to be in the pages of Indestructible Hulk? Is it a limited series? Will Hulk and Thor be hangin' out or knockin' heads? Who cares? Mark Waid and Walt Simonson are working on something that's bringing Hulk and Thor together, and that's enough good news for me!