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Game Of Thrones: First Of His Name Review

Game Of Thrones Season 5: Everything We Know

David Crow Feature Oct 24, 2014

As HBO's Game of Thrones Season 5 nears, we put everything you should know (and maybe some things you shouldn't) right here...

Constantine Premiere Review: Non Est Asylum

Marc Buxton Review Oct 24, 2014

The first episode of Constantine, inspired by the DC Comics character, was a hell of a time. Here is our full review...

Constantine Star Matt Ryan Talks the Influence of the Comics

Marc Buxton Interview Oct 24, 2014

We spoke with Matt Ryan about playing John Constantine, how awesome Warren Ellis is, and much more...

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor may Appear in Suicide Squad Movie

Mike Cecchini News Oct 24, 2014

Jesse Eisenberg is in talks to reprise his Batman v. Superman Lex Luthor role in David Ayers' Suicide Squad movie.

Warner Bros. Seeking Female Director for Wonder Woman Movie

Mike Cecchini News Oct 24, 2014

Zack Snyder can't direct 'em all, right? Warner Bros. want to find a female director for their Wonder Woman solo movie.

More Details on Riverdale TV Series Emerge

Chris Cummins News Oct 24, 2014

It's shaping up to be both weird and wonderful.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice teaser trailer news

Simon Brew News Oct 24, 2014

As Zack Snyder nears the end of the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice shoot, news lands that the trailer might be closer than thought.

James Spader on playing Ultron in Avengers 2

Simon Brew News Oct 24, 2014

The main foe of Avengers: Age Of Ultron is - as the title suggests - Ultron himself. James Spader has been chatting about what to expect...

Archie TV Series, Riverdale, On the Way

Mike Cecchini News Oct 23, 2014

Archie Comics are getting the live-action TV treatment in a new series from Greg Berlanti.

Arrow: The Magician Trailer Reveals Ra's al Ghul

Mike Cecchini Trailer Oct 23, 2014

Get a quick look at Ra's al Ghul in the trailer for the next episode of Arrow...