Mike Cecchini

Mike Cecchini is a man with a deep and abiding love of comics published before he was born, low-budget sci-fi, lo-fi garage rock, giant monster movies, professional wrestling, and the New York Mets.

When not obsessing over the excruciating minutiae of Bronze Age DC Comics continuity or playing old NES or Genesis games, he can be found fundraising for the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center.

e-mail: michael.p.cecchini@denofgeek.us 

Mike's blog: wayoutcomics.tumblr.com

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Recent articles by Mike Cecchini

Batman: The Complete Television Series - Details Revealed

Mike Cecchini News Jul 25, 2014

Batman: The Complete Television Series Blu-ray and DVD set has unveiled its special features.

Den of Geek Ant-Man

Marvel Reveals new Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron Posters

Mike Cecchini News Jul 25, 2014

Marvel unveiled movie-poster styled pieces of Ant-Man and Avengers concept art at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? trailer

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jul 25, 2014

The eagerly-awaited documentary exploring why Tim Burton's Superman Lives, starring Nicolas Cage, never happened. Here's a trailer...

Harlan Ellison's Lost Batman '66 Two-Face Episode Coming to Comics

Mike Cecchini News Jul 24, 2014

The Batman '66 comic series will adapt an unproduced episode of the classic Batman TV series

Batman v. Superman: New Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman

Mike Cecchini News Jul 24, 2014

In the midst of SDCC, Zack Snyder just posted a new look at Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Madefire Launches on Android

Mike Cecchini News Jul 24, 2014

Finally, Android users can experience Madefire's Motion Book digital comics experience, too!

Grant Gustin The Flash

The Flash TV Series Pilot Review

Mike Cecchini Review Jul 24, 2014

The Flash is coming to the CW this fall. We've got a completely spoiler-free review of the first episode.

Guillermo del Toro talks Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim, and Steampunk

Mike Cecchini News Jul 24, 2014

Guillermo del Toro shows off his creations at San Diego Comic-Con, and talks a little about what he wants to do next.

Arrow Season 3: First Image of Roy Harper as Arsenal

Mike Cecchini News Jul 23, 2014

Colton Haynes will be suiting up as Arsenal for Arrow season 3. Come on in to see the photo...

Five Ghosts, Night Mary, and new Warren Ellis Project Coming to TV

Mike Cecchini News Jul 23, 2014

Universal Cable Productions are bringing comic book adaptations from Rick Remender, Warren Ellis, and more to TV.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six Get Release Dates

Mike Cecchini News Jul 23, 2014

Reports of the death of Sony's Spider-Man franchise may have been premature, as The Sinister Six movie has a release date.

Den of Geek Flash

The Flash TV Series Adds Villain, More Arrow Crossover Talk

Mike Cecchini News Jul 23, 2014

The Flash just keeps adding metahumans to its roster, and the talk about the Arrow crossover keeps heating up.

Daredevil Netflix Series to Have "Gritty 1970s New York Feel."

Mike Cecchini News Jul 22, 2014

Want to know a little more about the approach for Marvel's upcoming Daredevil Netflix series? Read on...

Dynamite Comics to Publish The Spirit

Mike Cecchini News Jul 22, 2014

Will Eisner's legendary golden age hero, The Spirit, is getting new life at Dynamite Comics

New Posters: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jurassic World

Mike Cecchini News Jul 21, 2014

Some shiny new posters for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot and Jurassic World!

Lucy Lawless Coming to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Mike Cecchini News Jul 21, 2014

Xena and Battlestar Galactica star Lucy Lawless is joining the Agents of SHIELD. Who could she be?

Chuck Palahniuk Reveals Fight Club 2 Details

Mike Cecchini News Jul 21, 2014

Almost twenty years later, we're going to talk about Fight Club again. This time, in comic form.

Young Justice Coming to Blu-ray

Mike Cecchini News Jul 21, 2014

This is a sneaky way to confirm it, but we'll take it! Young Justice Season 1 is coming to Blu-ray.

Gotham Trailer Analysis

Gotham: Bruno Heller Promises Harvey Dent and Others

Mike Cecchini News Jul 21, 2014

Don't worry, the Gotham TV series won't stop at the villains you've seen introduced in the first episode.

Guardians of the Galaxy: New Clip, James Gunn Smashes Planet Hulk Rumors

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jul 21, 2014

Once and for all, the Hulk will not be joining Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Also, watch a new clip!