Mike Cecchini

Mike Cecchini is a man with a deep and abiding love of comics published before he was born, low-budget sci-fi, lo-fi garage rock, giant monster movies, professional wrestling, and the New York Mets.

When not obsessing over the excruciating minutiae of Bronze Age DC Comics continuity or playing old NES or Genesis games, he can be found fundraising for the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center.

e-mail: michael.p.cecchini@denofgeek.us 

Mike's blog: wayoutcomics.tumblr.com

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Recent articles by Mike Cecchini

Moira MacTaggert is "significant" part of X-Men: Apocalypse

Mike Cecchini News Jan 31, 2015

Rose Byrne will return for X-Men: Apocalypse as Moira MacTaggert in a major role.

Details on Supergirl TV Series First Episode Offer Clues About Superman

Mike Cecchini News Jan 30, 2015

Details on the first villain Supergirl will face on TV seem to indicate that maybe Superman also exists in the show's world...

New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jan 29, 2015

Marvel have just unveiled a TV spot for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Watch it here...

Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones Series Adds Hellcat

Mike Cecchini News Jan 29, 2015

Jessica Jones has a best friend, and she's another Marvel superhero. Check out the latest on Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones Netflix series.

Watch the Terminator: Genisys Super Bowl Trailer Here

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jan 29, 2015

Terminator V is coming to Super Bowl XLIX with a brand new trailer. Don't wait. Watch it here. Don't root for the Patriots, either.

Supergirl TV Series Casts Jimmy Olsen

Mike Cecchini News Jan 28, 2015

Mehcad Brooks will join Melissa Benoist on the Supergirl TV show coming in 2015. We have details on his character right here...

Arrow: Midnight City review

Mike Cecchini Review Jan 28, 2015

It's still all about Arsenal and Black Canary in another action packed edition of Arrow. Here's Mike's review...

Gotham Scarecrow Episode: The Fearsome Doctor Crane Trailer and Info

Mike Cecchini News Jan 28, 2015

We're going to meet the Scarecrow's dad on the next episode of Gotham, and he is just as obsessed with fear as his famous son.

Agents of SHIELD Trailer Reveals Inhumans

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jan 28, 2015

The Inhumans are coming to Agents of SHIELD, and the trailer for the show's return makes that clear.

Everything we Know About the Fantastic Four Movie

Mike Cecchini Feature Jan 28, 2015

Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot is less of a mystery thanks to the new trailer. But what do we really know about it?

The Flash: The Sound and the Fury review

Mike Cecchini Review Jan 27, 2015

Andy Mientus guest stars as the Pied Piper on The Flash "The Sound and the Fury." Here's Mike's review.

Ghostbusters Reboot Cast and Character Details

Mike Cecchini News Jan 27, 2015

Paul Feig's new all-female Ghostbusters movie is locking up its team. UPDATED with character details and...Bill Murray?

Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman Movie Role

Mike Cecchini News Jan 27, 2015

Jason Momoa had a little to say about how little he's allowed to say about playing Aquaman in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Chris Pratt Could be the New Indiana Jones

Mike Cecchini News Jan 27, 2015

Disney might have a new face in Indy's hat when they get around to Indiana Jones 5. Details here...

Fantastic Four Movie Trailer Analysis

Mike Cecchini The Lists Jan 27, 2015

Josh Trank's Fantastic Four movie trailer arrived, and actually reveals more than it's brief running time would suggest.

First Trailer for the Fantastic Four Movie

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jan 27, 2015

Watch the first trailer for the Fantastic Four movie right here. Josh Trank's Marvel movie is a secret no more!

First Official Images and New Details From Fantastic Four Movie, Trailer Imminent

Mike Cecchini News Jan 26, 2015

Josh Trank finally speaks out with some details about the Fantastic Four movie, and your first look at Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch.

Star Wars Spinoff Movie News: New Writer, Location and Character Details

Mike Cecchini News Jan 26, 2015

The Star Wars standalone movie gets a new writer, and is getting ready to start production. We have some other details...

Gotham: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon review

Mike Cecchini Review Jan 26, 2015

Gotham returns to its crime show mission statement with a solid episode. Here's Mike's review.

The Flash: The Sound and the Fury trailer and details

Mike Cecchini News Jan 26, 2015

Andrew Mientus guest stars as The Pied Piper in season 1 episode 11 of The Flash, "The Sound and the Fury." Details here...