Joe Jasko

Joe Jasko is a graduate student at Pace University, where he is studying Publishing and all things related to books. He hopes to become a book editor one day, but of course his real dream is to put his Creative Writing degree to use writing those books himself. Joe has an unhealthy obsession with Ernest Hemingway and rewriting the same sentence for hours on end until he gets it just right.

Joe has had a love of video games for most of his life, ever since he played the very first Mega Man game back on the NES. His favorite games will always be those old platform-adventures like Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, but action games like Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus also rank high on that list.

When he’s not gaming, Joe is a huge TV fanatic and leaves Cartoon Network on all day in the background while he writes. His favorite shows are Breaking Bad, Dexter, Home Movies, Archer and anything else on Adult Swim (a Frisky Dingo-themed sleeve tattoo is currently in the works). 

In addition to writing, Joe also sings, plays the guitar and writes songs for his acoustic recording project, Shell of Summer. Joe is also writing and animating his own cartoon, which he hopes to pitch to Adult Swim one day. It’s about a talking Popsicle named Randy who befriends an ex-convict rainbow. So yeah, there’s that.

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Recent articles by Joe Jasko

31 Days of Horror Games: The Suffering

Joe Jasko Retro Oct 24, 2014

Slaying monsters and deciding the fates of others forms the backbone of this horrific romp through a prison thrown into chaos.

31 Days of Horror Games: Eternal Darkness

Joe Jasko Retro Oct 21, 2014

This survival horror game about ancient family curses showed us that fear can expand well beyond the limits of your TV screen.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles is planned to be a series

Joe Jasko News Oct 21, 2014

The new sidescrolling series will feature different time periods and visual styles for each subsequent installment.

Destiny Tales 8-bit trailer pokes fun at Destiny frustrations

Joe Jasko Trailer Oct 21, 2014

The missing story, repetitive missions, and The Cryptarch are all lampooned here in wonderful retro graphics.

scary games

31 Genuinely Scary Horror Games

John Saavedra Joe Jasko Robert Bernstein The Lists Oct 21, 2014

In honor of Halloween, we've created our ultimate list of 31 horror games that will make this October especially scary!

31 Days of Horror Games: Silent Hill 4

Joe Jasko Retro Oct 20, 2014

Silent Hill 4: The Room is a claustrophobic adventure that delivered psychological scares like the series had never seen before.

Halo 2 Anniversary documentary gets an official trailer

Joe Jasko Trailer Oct 20, 2014

It’s been ten whole years since Halo 2 was unleashed on the world. 343 Industries takes a look back.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion is coming next spring

Joe Jasko News Oct 20, 2014

The new content will raise the level cap and introduce exciting new dungeons, raids, and more.

31 Days of Horror Games: The House of the Dead 2

Joe Jasko Retro Oct 18, 2014

A truly wild and iconic on-rails shooter that was just as horrifying as it was bizarre and campy.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 might use a Talking Dead-like show to encourage player discussion

Joe Jasko News Oct 16, 2014

Capcom also looked to Telltale Games for influence in developing an episodic format with tantalizing cliffhangers.

Dark Souls gets an Honest Game Trailer

Joe Jasko Trailer Oct 16, 2014

You’ve probably heard before that the Souls series is difficult, but here’s some hilarious and brutally honest commentary as to why.

The Evil Within Review

The Evil Within Review

Joe Jasko Review Oct 16, 2014

A throwback to action horror games of the early 2000s, The Evil Within features slick gameplay in spite of a sloppy story.

Why Zombies Ate My Neighbors Needs to Rise From the Dead

Joe Jasko Feature Oct 16, 2014

The monster movie action game was ahead of its time in the early 90s. Could the time now be right for a reboot to this short-lived series?

Halo: Spartan Strike is a twin-stick shooter that’s coming in December

Joe Jasko News Oct 15, 2014

The Windows-exclusive game is set during the Halo 2 timeline and will feature a number of improvements over Halo: Spartan Assault.

31 Days of Horror Games: Manhunt 2

Joe Jasko Retro Oct 15, 2014

A different kind of horror altogether, Rockstar’s controversial Manhunt series became infamous for its grisly executions.

Dragon Age: Inquisition new cinematic trailer

Joe Jasko Trailer Oct 14, 2014

The Hero of Thedas shows another gorgeous taste of the richly imagined world we’ll get to experience next month.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal behind the scenes trailer

Joe Jasko Trailer Oct 14, 2014

Get a new look at the gameplay and features of Sonic’s next adventure on the Nintendo 3DS!

31 Days of Horror Games: Lone Survivor

Joe Jasko Feature Oct 12, 2014

Superflat Games proves less is more in the horror survival world, with 2D pixelated sidescroller Lone Survivor.

31 Days of Horror Games: Outlast

Joe Jasko Feature Oct 9, 2014

Make sure you stock up on batteries before entering the sickening world of Outlast, one of the most disturbing horror games to date.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review

Joe Jasko Review Oct 7, 2014

Super Smash Bros. continues to impress on 3DS with fun new stages, top-notch gameplay, and a massive roster with an even bigger personality.