J.L. Bell

J. L. Bell is proprietor of the Boston 1775 blog, which offers daily doses of history, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution in New England. He is an associate editor of the Journal of the American Revolution and an assistant editor of a forthcoming Colonial Comics anthology.

Bell wrote chapters in Children in Colonial America (NYU Press) and Reporting the Revolutionary War (Sourcebooks), and articles in a variety of magazines for a variety of readers. In 2012 he completed a book-length study of Gen. George Washington’s first campaign of the Revolutionary War, which included new findings about the commander-in-chief’s first successes and failures in espionage.

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Turn Eternity How Long Review

Turn: The Battle of Setauket Review

J.L. Bell Review Jun 9, 2014

The first season of AMC's Turn ends with a historic battle. Here's our review of the season finale!

AMC's Turn: The Real Major Hewlett and the Setauket Church

J.L. Bell Feature Jun 4, 2014

Our series of articles on the stories behind AMC's Turn continues with the real Major Hewlett and more!

Turn: Against thy Neighbor review

J.L. Bell Review Jun 1, 2014

Turn revels in some historical inaccuracies this week, but still manages to get the job done. Here's our review.

Turn: Challenge review

J.L. Bell Review May 25, 2014

Turn spends some time in New York City, and develops a few key relationships. Here's our review...

Turn: Mercy Moment Murder Measure review

J.L. Bell Review May 18, 2014

Turn lets the romantic tensions run rampant in another strong episode. Here's our review...

Turn: Mr. Culpeper review

J.L. Bell Review May 11, 2014

Turn delivers what is undoubtedly its strongest episode with enough twists to even keep history buffs guessing.

AMC's Turn: The Real Story of Capt. Simcoe

J.L. Bell Feature May 7, 2014

Our resident Revolutionary War expert takes a look at the historical Capt. Simcoe, currently seen as the villain on AMC's Turn.

Turn: Epiphany review

J.L. Bell Review May 5, 2014

Turn delivers one of its best episodes yet with the Christmas-themed "Epiphany." Here's our review...

Turn Eternity How Long Review

Turn: Eternity How Long review

J.L. Bell Review Apr 27, 2014

Despite its historical inaccuracies, Turn remains an entertaining hour of television. Here's our review of Eternity How Long...

Turn: The Mystery of the Culper Ring

J.L. Bell Feature Apr 24, 2014

The Culper Ring is at the center of AMC's Revolutionary War drama, Turn. J.L. Bell offers some historical perspective for the show...

Turn Eternity How Long Review

Turn: Of Cabbages and Kings review

J.L. Bell Review Apr 20, 2014

Turn shows us the Continental Army having a rough time this week. Here's our review...

Turn Eternity How Long Review

Turn: Who by Fire review

J.L. Bell Review Apr 13, 2014

Turn picks up the pace with its second episode, although is no more historically accurate than the first. Here's our review...

Turn: Pilot review

J.L. Bell Review Apr 6, 2014

The first episode of AMC's Revolutionary War drama Turn has arrived, and we've got some historical perspective on the show for you.