• Alana Joli Abbott

    Alana Joli Abbott is a reviewer and game writer, whose multiple choice novels Ch

  • Michael Ahr

    Michael Ahr is a media specialist and teaches television production to high school juniors and seniors.

  • Matt Allair

    A native of the San Francisco bay area, Matt Allair attended and graduated from The California College of Arts and Crafts with an arts bachel

  • Joseph Baxter

    An often overly-analytical, sometimes sarcastic writer whose work can be seen on

  • J.L. Bell

    J. L.

  • Alec Bojalad

    Alec Bojalad is a pop culture journalist based in Cleveland.

  • Daniella Bondar

    Daniella Bondar is a writer of humor and traumatizing gold dress experiences. Riddled with Jewish guilt.

  • Hannah Bonner

    Hannah Bonner is a MA Film Studies student in the Department of Cinematic Arts at The University of Iowa. Her essays and b

  • Ryan Britt

    Ryan Britt is the author of the book 

  • David Burszan

    David Burszan is a filmmaker/vlogger, quidditch player, Daniel Bryan(and Chikara) mark, globetrotter, a
  • Kayti Burt

    Kayti Burt is a television blogger (aka professional fangirl) who occasional dabbles in the travel blogging world.

  • Marc Buxton

    Marc Buxton is an English teacher/private tutor by day,and a super-hyper-uber geek by night.

  • Tamara Carrion

    Tamara is a bit of a jack of geek trades.

  • Mike Cecchini

    Mike Cecchini is a man with a deep and abiding love of comics published before he was born, low-budget sci-fi, lo-fi garage rock, giant monst

  • Bob Chamberlain

    Bob Chamberlain has worked in several comic book shops.

  • Sarah Cooke

    Sarah Cooke is a writer and avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.

  • Megan Crouse

    Megan Crouse is a journalist (accidentally) who graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with an English L

  • David Crow

    David Crow is the film editor at Den of Geek. He has long been proud of his geek credentials.

  • Kerry Crump

    Raised in Brunswick, Ohio, Kerry is a sophomore online journalism major at Ohio University.

  • Chris Cummins

    Chris Cummins is a Philadelphia-based writer who has contrib

  • Jim Dandeneau

    Jim Dandeneau has always been a comic geek, but it wasn't until recently that he started gaining a variety of other interests and skill

  • Edward Douglas

    Based in New York City, Edward Douglas has been writing about movies for 14 years, including his weekly movie preview column The Weeken

  • Brandon Dyer

    Brandon Dyer hails from the snowy and economically depressed area of Syracu

  • Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

    Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi is Italian by birth, British by upbringing, and a New Yorker at heart.

  • Jason Gallagher

    Jason Gallagher has written for The Motley Fool, Dick's Sporting Goods and AOL.

  • Lisa Granshaw

    Lisa Granshaw is a freelance writer based in New York City.

  • Alia Haddad

    Alia Haddad was born and raised in Los Angeles, but has spent the last seven years in New York going to school and working, after receiving h

  • Dan Hajducky

    Dan Hajducky has worked at the Connecticut PostNew Haven Register,

  • Stephen Harber

    Stephen Harber is a writer. He lives in San Francisco. He is still figuring out what to do with all of those VHS tapes he has.

  • Laura Hardgrave

    Laura is a freelance video game journalist and MMORPG addict.
  • Nick Harley

    Nick Harley is an entertainment journalist and alumnus of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.