Peyton Reed on directing Marvel's Ant-Man

News Simon Brew
7/30/2014 at 8:09AM

The new director of Ant-Man has been chatting about the film, which starts shooting next month...

Having inherited the director's chair from Edgar Wright, Peyton Reed is now deep in preparation to shoot Ant-Man for Marvel. The film goes before the cameras on August 18th, with the shoot taking place in San Francisco and Atlanta. And chatting to Collider, Reed gave an update on the project.

"We're obviously deep into preparation and still making some script changes", he said, "but the script is terrific". Rehearsals and camera tests are ongoing, and when asked how he felt about the challenge of turning his take on Ant-Man into one that fits more comfortably in the Marvel cinematic universe, he wasn't phased by the idea at all. "It just feels like that's what they do as movies. It reflects what they did in the comics. I always loved as a kid reading Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four would show up ... it was all about that larger universe", Reed enthused.

He confirmed that Yellowjacket was set to be a villain in the film, and when asked if he was the only one, he teased that "it depends on how you define villain".

He had a word of praise for Adam McKay too, who's still working on the script for the film. "Adam is an insane comics fan, and a Marvel fan. He's bringing all of that to the movie", Reed added. And when asked if there would be any Easter eggs to look forward to in the film, Reed simply answered "oh yeah!".

Ant-Man arrives in cinemas next July.


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